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About Us

Shoals Jobs is dedicated to improving work life in northwest Alabama.  Our goal is to help residents start the career they dream of, and to help organizations locate outstanding employees.  Shoals Jobs is the only website focused exclusively on connecting employers and job seekers in northwest Alabama.  We offer listings for positions across all industries and experience levels, with categories in place to make your search much easier.

Applicants can either apply on the company website or email their resume and details to a recruiter.  Additional functionalities are currently under development, and we are constantly working to improve our user experience.  Shoals Jobs listings may be posted for a low fixed price and remain active on the site for 30 days.  Employers have the option to renew the listing if a candidate has not been located or additional hires are needed.  All listings must be approved by Shoals Jobs upon submission and if any changes are made to the active listing.